JX Servo PDI-6225MG-300 Degree 25kg Metal Gear Digital Servo


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Brand Name: JX Servo
Item Name: PDI-6225MG-300 Degree

Max Angle: 295°
Dead Band: 4μs
Maximum Pulse Width: 500-2500us (for control board)
Motor: Iron core
Voltage range: 4.8V-6.6V
Speed (4.8V): 0.25 sec / 60 degree
Speed (6V): 0.21 sec / 60 degree
Torque (4.8V): 19.9
Torque (6V): 25.3
Size: 40.5 x 20.2 x 38mm
Weight: 62g
Cable: JR 265 mm
Bearing: 2BB
Output Teeth: 25T (Futaba Universal)


High Performance 25KG large torque standard digital servo
High precision gears
CNC aluminum shell
Dual ball bearing

Package Included:
1x JX Servo PDI-6225MG-300 servo
1x Accessories bag


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