LSM6DS3 Accelerometer Gyro Embedded IMU Module


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The lsm6ds3 is an accelerometer and a huge 8kb FIFO buffer and an embedded processing interrupt function for the gyro sensor, specifically for the mobile phone market. Due to the ability and we have just created this small breakthrough board lsm6ds3 low cost! Each lsm6ds3 breakthrough design becomes super flexible and configurable specifically for many applications. With lsm6ds3 breakout, you will be able to detect the impact, tilt, movement, faucet, step, and even read the temperature!
lsm6ds3 can read 6.7ks / s gyro accelerometer data and data on 1.7ks / s more accurate motion detection. As mentioned above, the break also has a buffering capability of up to 8KB between the data read, the host of the other sensors, the drive interrupt pin thanks to the lsm6ds3 built-in FIFO.
Each pin has been broken in the lsm6ds3, side of the board, power and I2C functions while the other side of the motion pin controls the SPI function and interrupt the output. Keep in mind that lsm6ds3 is a 3.3V device that provides a voltage greater than ~ 3.6v to permanently damage the IC. Any 5V operating platform requires a logic level shifter.
Power consumption: 0.9 mA combination of normal mode and 1.25 mA combination of high performance mode up to 1.6 kHz.
Accelerometer and gyroscope low power experience
Smart FIFO up to 8 bytes based on feature set
2/4/16/8 g
± 125/245/500 / ± ± 1000 / ± 2000 DPS comprehensive
Analog supply voltage: 1.71 V to 5 V
SPI serial interface with main processor data synchronization
Embedded temperature sensor
Module size 13 mm * 18mm
Package Included:
1 X LSM6DS3 Accelerometer Gyroscope Sensor Breakout


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